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  • Boxing Capital of the Caribbean!

    2013 - 08.18

    We call it Little Vegas and our Beaches are Much Better!!

    Coconut Telegraph

    5 Responses to “Boxing Capital of the Caribbean!”

    1. Luis Griffith says:

      Hello everybody how haw doing?

      • Maxi says:

        Louis, It’s an honor to have you on our site!
        For those who don’t know, this is Emile Griffith’s son, Click the “VI Boxing history” and check out the Emile Griffith bio and videos like Ring of Fire.

        • Luis Griffith says:

          Thank you Maxi, my dad (Emile Griffith) we’ll always have our hearts and thoughs on St.Thomas, we love it there and the people. I was very excited to see Emile Griffith Ballpark with my dad for the first time in the early 2000′s visit. I was told and always wonder why some youth in St. Thomas, think that Emile Griffith Ballpark refer to someone who is a famous baseball player not a boxer. Well I did remember seeing a plaque mounted in front of the ballpark where the Emile Griffith huge letter stand at which describe who Emile was. But then in our third visit to St. Thomas the plaque was stolen. It would be real nice if a huge bronze statue of Emile Griffith stood tall in front of the ballpark so that the young people know that Emile Griffith was a famous boxer, after all he is the first Champion boxer coming out of St. Thomas. Who knows maybe someday.

    2. Maxi says:

      Look on the right to view Julius’ Twitter Feed.

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